first date

24 Jun

first date.  east village.  i met him at a party the week before, and he’d asked a friend for my number.  he’d teased me, saying, you seem like the type of girl who’s into water boarding.  so, of course, i said yes when he asked me out.

we met at some dive near my apartment, and then he wanted to take me somewhere special.  we picked up a couple beers at a bodega and he took me to a community garden he knew.  it looked closed.  it looks closed, i said.  he assured me it wasn’t, that it was fine and we could be in there.  we opened our beers and made out a little.  it was a big garden, and when i heard a noise i glanced over to the other end.  we’re being locked in!  he ran to the gate.  apparently, the people who’d just locked us in didn’t have the key, and the person who did have it couldn’t be reached.  a bar backed up into the garden, but the owner didn’t have the key either.  and he was pissed.  i was, too.  it got heated.  my date was arguing with the people on the other side of the gate, and the owner of the bar.  i was trying to disassociate, and imagining climbing over the fence in my red 3 inch heels.  finally, our escape route became clear.  the bar owner said we could crawl through the back window of the bar.  the window was over a booth, and the people sitting there had to move over so we could step on the seats to get out.  i had to pass my shoes through the window to the owner so i wouldn’t scuff up the booth.  i crawled in first, and he caught me and lifted me over the table of amused patrons.  my date crawled in after.  i put my shoes back on and the owner offered us free drinks.

after this, we still ended up going home together.  he pounded away at me for awhile, and finished.  as he rolled off of me, i said, don’t you care that i didn’t cum?

don’t over-analyze it, he said.


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