wait. what?

24 Jun
5 okcupid messages we didn’t respond to.  we know you have some–send them our way!
1. I really liked your profile, your description.  It’s refreshing.
You look fun and intelligent.  AND you are cute! 🙂
I’m looking for wild sex!
2. hello,
wanna grab a coffie this week???
just messaging random, no need to respond
3. you are way out of my league but maybe we can be besties?! im great at errands and stuff. wait nevermind how embarassingg.
4. Now my roommate wants a beagle and I think he might actually get one.
I’m not a ‘dog person’ but I think it’d be neat?
5. Hey don’t you just wish that the guys who contact you would grow some balls and stop being around the bush and tell you what the want from you..ie short term, long term, penpals etc.  I’ll tell you straight up.  I don’t think we would make a good long term match.  Don’t get me wrong I find you very attractive, but now I’m just looking for short term casual friends with benefits.  I think we can cause a lot of trouble together.  I love to be honest and have intellectual conversations about a variety of topics.  If that is something that you will consider check out my profile.  If not… No worries.

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