drink your milk for healthy bones

2 Jul

apartment hunting in new york.  it’s like first date meets job interview.  i had an appointment to see a room in Brooklyn at 8pm on a week night.  it was during one of that summer’s deadly heat waves, defined by weather.com as 3 or more days in a row of temperatures above 90 degrees.  they suggest you call your elderly relatives to make sure they haven’t died.  so, it was fucking hot.  i got there at 8 on the dot, and was about to buzz when someone who was leaving the building held the door for me.  i knocked on the appropriate apartment door.  a guy’s voice, sounding panicked, came through the door.  “who is it?”

“um, i’m here to see the room, you said to come at 8”

“you didn’t buzz”

“somebody let me in…”

“i just got out of the shower just a minute”.   there was a flurry of sound behind the door and then it swung open and an attractive guy wearing nothing but a towel answered the door.  he was ripped, and still a little damp.  “i’m so sorry,” i said feebly as i came in.  he went to change, and i sat on the couch.  “take your time,” i said as i checked out the apartment.  it was really nice.  after he was dressed he gave me the tour.  the room that was for rent was one of those makeshift lofts with exposed dry wall and a plywood floor.  there were no windows and it was really stuffy.  when i brought this up he showed me that there was a door on one wall that opened into his room, above his bed, and told me he didn’t mind if i kept that open to look across at his window as he wasn’t really “a private person”.  at this point i was like, okay i can’t live in this apartment, but we still had the interview portion to go.  we sat down in the living room/kitchen area.  he asked if i would like something to drink, maybe some water, and he was embarrassed he hadn’t offered sooner.  i declined, and he poured himself a gigantic glass of milk.  like a pint glass of milk.  he sat down with his glass of milk clutched in his hand and we talked about our jobs, etc.  he worked with his dad, from home.  when things were winding up, he mentioned that when he’s home (all the time) he doesn’t wear clothes.  he’s completely naked.  maybe i looked stricken, or maybe he was used to explaining it, but he tried to comfort me by telling me that it was okay, he was “just like [my] brother”.

a couple weeks later, he found me on gchat and asked me out.


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