elevator angel

3 Jul

i moved to new york and the first person i saw when i got off the plane besides the cab driver was the elevator repairman in my new building.  the elevator wasn’t working and i had to carry all my luggage up the four flights of stairs.  luckily, the repairman was-as he called himself-my “elevator angel” and he carried up my stuff and left it by the door, which was very nice.  he was cute and we exchanged phone numbers and ended up going on a date.  he met me somewhere near the strand, where i was working and we went to a bar around the corner.  i ordered a bourbon and he ordered a soda, which i thought was a little weird since he’d suggested a bar.  he was explaining to me that he was really tough, and that he didn’t let people mess around with him, and i was like, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh…he seemed to have a tense energy about him.  he went on to tell me that he had done some prison time-i think he alluded to 10 years-for murder.  but he didn’t say, i killed the person.  he said, i made sure that he wasn’t breathing anymore.

sooooo, i made an excuse for cutting the date short, that i had plans back at my house with my roommate, and i didn’t need him to accompany me home.  we both had to take the 6 though.  we were on the train and there was a bunch of people dressed in halloween costumes because it was halloween the next day.  and he was getting really angry.  he was like, fuming.  i asked him what was going on and he said, if i see another adult halloweener i swear to GOD i’m gonna KICK their ass.  i was like, what?  why?  and he said, you know what, LET THE KIDS HAVE THEIR HOLIDAY!  so that was it.


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