One Little Rule

5 Jul

It was puppy love freshman year. I could tell you about the 3 drunken conversations we had, the five sloppy dance sessions, and of course the occasional wave while walking to class. His reputation was obvious – he was smoking hot. And he slept with everyone.

Fast forward to senior year. I was newly single and very ready to mingle. We bumped into each other the week before classes started, and he looked even cuter than I remembered. By the end of the week, we were going to make out. He started wooing me, and let’s not pretend it was difficult. Two days later we kissed at the bar. The following night he slept over.The perfect post-break up rebound: Hot, fun, no strings attached. One caveat (due to his overtly slutty past/present) – a self inflicted rule: no sex. And that doesn’t mean he didn’t try.

Several months later (and after a 2 month fling with a good buddy of his), I end up back in his bed. He starts trying to do it, which turns into:


Me: I’m not that kind of girl.  (Achem, achem)

Him: But you had sex with my friend?!

Me: Well, yes. But this is random and I don’t just want to have sex one time.

He longingly looks into my eyes…

Him: Baby. I’ll fuck you again in the morning.


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