Men in Pearls

8 Jul

I was at a party in Los Angeles over a summer while I was in college.  It was a huge house party but I ended up locking eyes with this guy named E.  We had this strange connection and we decided that night that somehow we were soul mates.  I was 19 and he was 27 or something, so I thought of him as an older guy.  He was super slender and ate only raw food and unpasturized dairy products.  On our second date, he told me to meet him at his house.  When I showed up, there was a girl there and he told me that he was finishing up a nude Suicide Girls photo shoot.  I talked to the girl as she got dressed and told me about her day-job as a nanny.


E. and I would have these really romantic days together but he could never get hard.  He told me about his fascination with pearls and his crusade to have them become appropriate as menswear.  Somehow I read this as quirky and unique and not gay.  I brought him a pair of pearls on one of our dates as a joke and he wore them all day.  After I got back to NYC, we kept in touch a little bit.  He would drunk dial me every now and then.  One night we talked for about an hour and he told me about how when he was in high school, he and his friends would sneak out to tranny bars but not because they were attracted to the men in heels; they just thought it was funny.


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