Mental Erection (lol)

13 Jul

Our favorite Okcupid wordsmiths of the week:


Just i want to say to you, …You have a special look and gleam……

Your eyes caught my attention and there’s a certain glow or warmth from you. It’s amazing sometimes how you can get that impression just from a photo isn’t it? Your deep eyes reflected the emotional intelligence as if, have spiritual depth and a strong woman(i hope) …………….

A divine power had creating a trail of mastery…obviously you’re very special (while I look at you ,I was


-Jesus in me loves you




I guess you have a lot of messages and they tell you that you are really cute. Given your pictures I agree with it.

How is your business going?

Given English is not my mother tongue, I’m not going to write you a love letter and give you a mental erection (lol) because I’m not sure I can spell and use grammar correctly as you would like…

However, don’t worry I speak English.

Anyway, I’m recently moved in NYC and, for now, every time I met a girl as cute as you are I just wanted to run after few sentences.

You don’t seem to be like that. So, if you want to talk/meet I’m sure it will be a pleasure.

My profile isn’t really full of information but with a good conversation you could learn more about me.

I’m looking forward for your answer…


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