Crazy Cats Lady

18 Jul

I met her at CattyShack, a popular lesbian bar in Park Slope. In the midst of my drunken haze I spotted a beautiful woman and spent what felt like hours dancing with her. She had an amazing body and mentioned she was a dancer.

We hopped into a cab heading up to the theatre district.  I found out she was also an actress and singer named Lovely.  We got to her apartment and she gave me a brief tour. There were lots of photos of her on stage and one really stood out but I wasn’t sure why. When I asked about it she simply smiled and said, “Yes that’s me, I was in the Broadway production.”

Soon after we were sitting on her bed when she suddenly jumped up after hearing someone pass by in the hall outside the apartment door jingling keys. A sane person may have called it a night after hearing the tale about her “soon to be ex husband” who still has keys and may stop by…. or at least have had second thoughts after receiving a script of what to say if he does. I didn’t question it when she told me she was moving out the following day while nothing in the apartment was packed. Even her comments starting with “when I was your age…” didn’t register. I was entranced by her, and a little high. I figured she may be older and possibly married but I was only present enough to enjoy the moment.

In the light of day I woke up and saw another photo on the wall. This photo I recognized immediately, it was of her and her cast mates from Cats on Broadway.

Things slowly started to click into place and I took a close look at the woman I had just spent the night with. I noticed that the blond coils of hair blended into the wild afro that framed her face weren’t blond but white and I tried to remember that last time Cats was on Broadway…





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