Pits Stop

19 Jul

A friend of mine invited me to a high-society party in Boston while I was still in college.  It was fun to think of dressing up in something sexy and flirting with guys who did not think the taquitos at 7-11 were the perfect post-coital snack.  Fast forward to the last hour of the party when the single men look around with that acquisitive gleam and the girls try to look supremely uninterested.  I saw someone much older than me give me the “I’m coming over” smile.  We danced a little and he kept grabbing my hands and lifting them over our heads.  It was sexy the first five times, after that, I was like, “Is this the only step you know, dude?”  Stilted dance moves aside, one thing led to another and my pretty cocktail dress ended up on the floor of his (very nice) apartment.

After a few minutes of fooling around, he whispered, “Has anyone told you you have beautiful underarms?  I want to kiss them.”  What????  So he was scoping out my pits on the dance floor?  He saw the doubt on my face and assured me that it would be a huge turn-on if I just relaxed and got past the tickling phase.  I’ve never quailed at crazy before so why stop now?

Then came the strangest episode of my life.  He seriously went at it, licking, kissing, hickey-ing.  At first, I kept giggling and shying away.  A little vodka (ok, a lot) later, I was able to stop with the flinching and tried to get into it.  It was actually not bad, who knew pits were an erogenous zone?  His breathing’s getting all ragged, his chewing a little more frantic.  I notice his hand is on his member and — oh my god, he just came from freaking licking my armpits!!!

Maybe because he was older, I don’t know, but he looked at me and said he was done and thank you so much for letting him do what really turned him on.  Suddenly, I found myself longing for an uncomplicated frat boy and his taquito.



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