The only upside

20 Jul
I was invited to a gallery opening by a guy I used to do, where I met a friend and fellow intern of his. This friend was new to New York and confessed to me that he hadn’t made many friends and was quite lonely. Considering that he was aware of my past with his friend, and the fact that I had given him no signals to speak of, I figured I was safe in agreeing to see a movie with him. We went, had a fine time, and I split afterward, feeling like my good deed had been done. He apparently mistook my pity for desire, and after a brief email exchange later that evening, sent me this presumptuous gem:

“I don’t know about you but i feel kinda retarded in a ultra modern way that rather then hang out and talk we went our sperate ways only to hang out and talk via the internet, the only upside is i am no longer wearing pants and that might have taken a little longer if we were still face to face :)”


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