law school score

22 Jul

i was 25, and i met this guy at a burning man party.  i had partaken of various substances and was feeling pretty awesome and not at all appalled by this guy’s outfit made entirely of CDs.  i ended up leaving my group and going to smoke a cigarette with him.  when he wasn’t wearing skimpy outfits held together with twist-ties, he was going to law school.  ultimately we made out and exchanged phone numbers.

we went out a couple weeks later, for dinner.  turns out, he’s not going to law school, he WILL be going to law school after he graduates undergrad and applies and gets in and all that.

we go to a bar and he admits he’s 20, and uses a fake ID.  we go back to my place and have very mediocre sex.  as we’re drifting off to sleep i stress to him that i do not want to be woken up before my alarm.  we’re not all living the dream of not having class til 4pm and i have work in the morning.  my alarm is set for 8:15.  at 7:30 he’s shaking my arm, whispering my name.  finally i have to acknowledge him.  “what?”

“can i go to the bathroom?”


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