good grief

27 Jul

i saw this girl at yoga and we made eye contact and she immediately came up to me and told me i was cute.  i saw her again a week later; she was working at a bar and she gave me her number and we made plans to go on a date.  it seemed like she was going to flake out on me because we were texting back and forth and it just didn’t seem like it was going to work; she wasn’t enthusiastic about it so i texted her that maybe we should do this another time, basically planning on just not doing it ever.  but she texted me “no no, let’s get together, my grandma just died and i need to get rid of some tension ;)”  yes, it had a wink face.

…so i went over to her house and i texted her “hey, i’m outside can you come out” and she texted back “i trapped you hahaha.  come inside”.  i went to the door and i don’t remember who answered but her whole family was there because they’d just gotten back from the wake.  i went inside and i met the whooooole family; the other grandmother, her dad; there were probably 15 people there.  they didn’t seem surprised that i was there.  at some point the girl i was trying to date pulled me aside and asked if i wanted to go upstairs.  and i really did, so i said okay.  we went up five or six stairs to this kind of half landing on the staircase with a small sofa and a side table.  the family could still see us and we could see them.  we were in plain view.  we were sitting there talking and then she just started making out with me right there.  i told her i was feeling uncomfortable and she suggested we go to her room.  we went to her room and started making out again and after about five minutes her sister just walked in and started looking through things in the room and the girl didn’t even look up or stop fooling around with me.  i don’t remember how, but somehow i managed to escape and when she asked me out again, i said no…


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