Big dick

29 Jul

My worst date ever never actually happened. I didn’t even meet the guy.

This happened back in college after I gained my freshman 15 (ok, let’s be honest, it was more like 40). I was chatting online with this guy for a while and we decided to meet up. He was going to meet me in front of my place. After standing outside for about 15 minutes I get a text. It said “sorry, I’m just too shallow for you”. I was so hurt and offended but got on with the day. About half an hour later I’m at a store and I get another text saying “ok, I’ve thought about it, we can have sex, but that’s it, no relationship or dating”. Now I’m beyond pissed. I mean, who does this guy think he is and more importantly, who does he think I am?? So after telling him where he can shove it, he let up.

A few weeks later he “accidentally” calls, claiming to have had his phone in his pocket and that he wasn’t sure who it
was, and then asks me for another chance. Really guy? I might have been overweight, but I’d never be so desperate.



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