Matchmaker, matchmaker

3 Aug

I was at a Jewish wedding and being that I was over 20 and single, I was clearly not doing a good enough job finding a husband and it was assumed that I must need a matchmaker to set me up. This well-known matchmaker approached me (read: trapped me) and we spoke briefly. Two days later I got an email from her with the subject line: Let me know if I can give my son Josh your phone #, if so what is it?

The following, what appears to be a dating resume, was attached.


(His name was here)

Who am i:
Off the bat, I do not beleive in the term “koveya itim”…

at the risk of using a cliche, if you’re not going up, you’re going down
and that is so, so true by spirituality and Judaism.

Another term I don’t buy into: “smart.”

We often give this label to people with good grades or test scores.
However, those scores are usually a product of the person’s due diligence not any extraordinary brain processes.

I have met five or so people in my life who truly deserve the “smart”
designation… a more important trait in my eyes is intellectual
curiosity / wanting to explore / the ability to think from a fresh

At my very core lay torah, mitzvoth, and Ahavat Hashem. I try to be chilled and not take myself too seriously. That means hanging out, and perhaps even doing certain activities

that defy convention.

What Im looking for:
I don’t know; you can’t type people, and if I really fall in love with
someone, there are some hashkofic things I’m bound to overlook; and I hope that the opposite holds as well; if a girl falls in love with me, there would be some hashkafic things she’d be able to overlook as well.
So to answer the question…
Frum, chilled out girl, who appreciates life and the ability for growth as much as I do… must appreciate Torah and Chesed, and must care deeply for Klal Yisroel, for Jews of all stripes… as that is something I strive to do in all my career endeavours.

Education + Work:
Yeshiva University, 2004 – 2007. Currently in Smicha
Currently employed by The Hampton Synagogue as Rabbinic Assistant as well as member of Kollel at The Frisch School. In both places, I have made meaningful relationships that will hopefully last long after I leave. Educational Director for Central East region, NCSY
Enrolled at UPenn Law School for 2008 – 2011.



*Glossary of terms*
Koveya itim: setting aside time for Torah study

Mitzvoth-good deeds

Ahavat hashem-love of God

Hashkovic-one’s personal worldview in regard to Jewish philosophy and law

Chesed-doing good deeds and/or love of God and his people

Klal yisroel-the Jewish people




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