you booze, you lose

5 Aug

it was our second date.  he suggested a movie and a bottle of wine.  it seemed kind of high school romantic, so i was into it.  he got the wine, i just had to bring a big bag to sneak it into the theater.  inside the theater, he assumed the task of getting us something to drink the wine out of.  he came back with a soda for him, and as an afterthought went back to get me a water cup.  i didn’t get why he wanted soda AND white wine, but i didn’t say anything.  once we sat down, he pulled multiple tiny bottles of vodka out of his bomber jacket and poured them into his soda and immediately started sucking it down.  by ten minutes into the movie, he was clearly drunk and laughing really loudly when no one else was laughing at all.  i didn’t feel like taking on the entire bottle of wine, so i didn’t open it.  after the movie, he wouldn’t let me pay him back for anything so i felt like i owed him a drink.  he got a whiskey, i got a stella.  then he got another whiskey, and then one more.  his speech became slurred, and his already boring stories stopped making sense.  finally i told him i wanted to call it a night.  it was 11:00pm on a Friday.  he insisted we split a cab back to Brooklyn; he’d drop me off first.  at my house, i got out, reached into my purse to pay, and when i looked up the cab was gone and he was standing with me in the street.  fuck.  i made a point to hug him on the sidewalk, before we got to my stoop.  i leaned in and aimed my head to wind up somewhere over his shoulder, but he intercepted and stuck his tongue into the side of my mouth.  after a comedic struggle, i managed to escape and hurried up my steps.  “do you want your wine?” i asked, as i looked for my keys.  he was already weaving down the block.  “you keep it”.


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