Alien Sex

16 Aug

People tell you that hindsight is “20/20”.  But I really still can’t say that I saw this one coming. It was a fabulous 2-3 weeks of getting to know you. We went out dancing at a Burning Man fundraiser, we went to a fancy themed party that had a burlesque component, we went out to dinner, we went to see a band in Prospect Park, we stayed in one night with a movie… we even talked about future dates like camping, hiking, a day trip to the beach….

Part of the getting to know you was talking about our spiritual beliefs, our interests in eastern philosphies, holistic medicines, astrology……we also connected through art, literature, music, fashion and food. Could it be that i had found my intellectual, emotional and spiritual soulmate? AND the sex was great.

3 days ago he springs on me that he is a “light worker” and is involved with the Galactic Federation of Light. The basic premise is that these people feel they can channel martians across different galaxies and that this network of galaxies will all meet someday.

After one of our subsequent bizarre conversations about it with me asking questions to try to learn more and him feeling defensive and embarrassed that he may have revealed too much too soon about himself…he said ‘good night’. I responded with what I considered to be a light hearted comment “don’t let the martians get you”. He called me arrogant. I ended it right there.

There is no way I can ever accept someone who 1) has no sense of humor about martians 2) doesnt trust their alien friends to stick up for themselves if needed and 3) doesnt appreciate my arrogance.

I initially wondered whether I was being too closed minded. (Afterall, we got along famously in every other way.) That is, until my best friend reminded me that perhaps I’d been a little too open minded already.




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