Kissing Cousins

25 Aug

i had just moved to new york, and was living a lonely, jobless life in long island city, queens.  so, when my friend suggested she set me up with her boyfriend’s cute cousin, i was very interested.  we went to the movies, and then back to my place for some very brief sex.  he was young, and didn’t have much stamina.  we hung out one other time, and had the same, short (albeit multiple) encounters.  it didn’t end badly; there was just no spark.  three years later, my friend married his cousin and we both were in the wedding party.  we talked/flirted a little at the reception, and then were seated at different tables for dinner.  i was next to a girl i’d gone to high school with but hadn’t seen for years.  after most people had eaten and some were dancing, my former lover approached my high school acquaintance on the dance floor and they spent most of the rest of the night dancing.  except when they stopped to make out at my table, in the chair next to me, while i sat there, drunkenly picking at my vegetarian option.


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