Parked Car

31 Aug

I was out at a bar with my friend and her boyfriend.  We left, and ran into a few of his friends.  One of them started hitting on me almost immediately.  What I interpreted as enthusiasm and friendliness in my drunken state, I came to realize shortly after was obviously the result of some heavy drug use.  My would-be suitor was putting his arm around me, and trying to get his face close to mine.  I kept slipping out of his grimy grasp, until I thought he had given up.  The rest of us were chatting, and he walked down the block and then came back a few minutes later.  I wasn’t really paying attention.  He put his arm around me again when he got back, and my friend said we had to be going.  As we walked away she told me that when he left she saw him pee all over a parked car, including the DOOR HANDLE, and then come back to touch me.


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