G train missed connection

2 Sep

One late night on the G train I found myself making eye contact with the guy sitting across from me.  We kept on glancing at each other and then quickly looked away so many times that I almost started laughing.  When we both got off the train at Lorimer, I was sure he would say something to me.  Instead, he walked ahead of me as I trailed behind, noting his black jacket with “Nintendo” printed on the back.

The eye-fuck really stuck with me though, and the next day at work I was persuaded by friends via gchat to write a missed-connection on Craigslist.  I had always loved laughing at the craiglists post before.  This was just an experiment, I convinced myself.  A post to see if the world of lost-internet love connections really worked.

I posted something super cheesy and in the vein of posts I had read, requested that my long-lost love describe what he was wearing to prove it was him.  I expected a slew of psycho “me so horny” emails in my inbox and hoped to be amused at work for the rest of the day.  No one wrote.

The next day I got a lone email that read:

Hey there,

I’m not entirely sure that was me, but I was on the g around 1am and got off at lorimer, and I do enjoy playing eye tag with cute girls…

I was wearing a black hat, black nintendo jacket, brown hair, blue eyes

I wish I could remember for sure, but I was pretty drunk on tht ride home…in any case let me know if I’m the guy and maybe we can meet up for a drink sometime

Despite the fact that he openly admitted that he had absolutely no idea who i was, and just happened to be drunkenly on the train at the same time but would STILL be up for getting a drink with me, I was curious enough to facebook stalk him.  His page revealed that his Nintendo jacket, which I had thought was a simple Beacon’s Closet vintage hipster purchase, was actually a huge insight into his personality.  His profile picture was a nintendo screenshot.  His wall was filled up with nerdy guys writing shortcuts and coding to cheat on games.  His pictures can only be described as Dungeon and Dragons-esque.

Maybe we belong together.  Or, maybe i should let drunken dorks lie.


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