Would you like some donuts with your break-up?

9 Sep

It was Fall of my freshman year of college.  Toward the end of the summer, I had started dating a guy I met through friends.  He lived about an hour away from where I was going to school.  He was pretty, but dumb, and it wasn’t going anywhere.  We hadn’t even had sex.  Eventually I decided to break it off before it got too serious.  I called him up and ended it over the phone.  He started crying and said, “no, you can’t do this”.  He wanted to keep going over it, but I told him I had to go and ended the call.  Roughly an hour later, he showed up at my dorm room.  Some a-hole had let him into the building.  He’d obviously been drinking, and of course driving.  He convinced me to come outside with him, and we got into his car, where he proceeded to cry and beg me not to break up with him.  To soften the blow, I told him I liked him too much, and got out of the car.  I looked over my shoulder as I walked back to my dorm, only to see him driving his car in tight circles, doing stuntman-style donuts in the parking lot.


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