Interested in something casual?

1 Sep



Parked Car

31 Aug

I was out at a bar with my friend and her boyfriend.  We left, and ran into a few of his friends.  One of them started hitting on me almost immediately.  What I interpreted as enthusiasm and friendliness in my drunken state, I came to realize shortly after was obviously the result of some heavy drug use.  My would-be suitor was putting his arm around me, and trying to get his face close to mine.  I kept slipping out of his grimy grasp, until I thought he had given up.  The rest of us were chatting, and he walked down the block and then came back a few minutes later.  I wasn’t really paying attention.  He put his arm around me again when he got back, and my friend said we had to be going.  As we walked away she told me that when he left she saw him pee all over a parked car, including the DOOR HANDLE, and then come back to touch me.

And sexual.

30 Aug

I should have known when he said “I like being active. And sexual” five minutes into the first date. I should have cut my losses when he said “i’m silly. and sexual” ten minutes later. when he asked me “how do you feel about sex”? I should have called it a day. But no, I had to wait for him to say ” you got this right?” as the pizza man rang up my slice of cheese. what a heartbreaker.

Bikini Wax small talk

29 Aug

The Lady: Are you married?

Me: No.

The Lady: Boyfriend?

Me: Nope, I’m single.

The Lady: Yikes.  I mean, you still may find someone…

You ever pet the Trex?

26 Aug

A gem of a message…


Hiya Lady,

You ever pet the Trex after hours?

BTW, you are looking cute. I can still compliment you no matter what the social customs are. Guys can be so visual and more!

What have you been up to lately? So, this heat wave is coming or what to NYC? Oh well….

I am an Irish/Blackfoot Native American/Mexican-American. I know about being in a minority position. I love Jews! I can care less whether you think that is and or is not an odd statement. Being from TX, I did not spend much time with Jews. However, being in “Jew York” has really brightened the horizons for me. I read about Israel in the Bible that others handed out in back in the day. Ah, so much to argue if you want to. I actually want to hike the Israel National Trail one day. You into that at all?

At this point, I thought you were interesting enough to write you and see what can be up from here. Ask me what you want. Be who you are. Check out the profile and get back to me.


Kissing Cousins

25 Aug

i had just moved to new york, and was living a lonely, jobless life in long island city, queens.  so, when my friend suggested she set me up with her boyfriend’s cute cousin, i was very interested.  we went to the movies, and then back to my place for some very brief sex.  he was young, and didn’t have much stamina.  we hung out one other time, and had the same, short (albeit multiple) encounters.  it didn’t end badly; there was just no spark.  three years later, my friend married his cousin and we both were in the wedding party.  we talked/flirted a little at the reception, and then were seated at different tables for dinner.  i was next to a girl i’d gone to high school with but hadn’t seen for years.  after most people had eaten and some were dancing, my former lover approached my high school acquaintance on the dance floor and they spent most of the rest of the night dancing.  except when they stopped to make out at my table, in the chair next to me, while i sat there, drunkenly picking at my vegetarian option.

all by my bonesome

24 Aug

it was our first date.  he wanted to take me to this movie on opening night, and said he’d get the tickets ahead of time and told me to just meet him at the theatre.  i got there, and he hadn’t gotten the tickets and the show was sold out.  so, we got tickets for the next showing, and walked over to his place to hang out until it was time to go back to the movies.  we were hitting it off, and we ended up making out.  it was kind of hot.  after the movie we went back to his place again.  things got pretty intimate and right when it seemed like the only place to go was all the way, he whispered that he didn’t have sex on the first date.  i told him that was okay, we didn’t have to.  we continued to fool around, but now he kept whispering into my ear, “are you mad i won’t fuck you?”  “picture me fucking you” and other things along those weird lines.  finally, after a very unsatisfactory half hour or so, i decided it was time to go.  i put on whatever clothes i had shed, and got my purse from his bedroom floor.  he got up to walk me out in his boxers.  at the door, he leaned in close and looked me deep in my eyes, his hand on my waist.

“now what am i supposed to do with this boner?”